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Charming Deet #261: ESTY FRIDAY

These week’s Etsy feature is {Haomaihanger}! This shop creates beautiful custom wedding dress hangers. Brides love the personalized touch and have made these custom hangers one of the latest trends. They can be used as a lovely personalized gift to members of the wedding party. They also look darling in the getting ready portion of the pho[...]

Charming Deet #256: The Bustle

Every girl dreams about having a train on her dress (as long as Kate Middleton's perhaps?), but what do you do with it after the ceremony so it's not trailing all around the reception?  Put it up in a bustle!!! What is a bustle?  It is the gathering of the train of a gown and pinning it up on the skirt stylishly. Bustles come from European fashion in the s[...]

It ain't always easy...

Being a wedding planner, I see it all the time. Her eyes glisten with the thought of gorgeous bouquets, the idea of a DJ or a band, many different dress choices, the jewelry she will wear, pinning her perfect wedding on Pinterst, and so on and so on. Planning a wedding is so exciting! And for me it was the same way. I loved, I mean absolutely loved planning [...]