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Charming Deet #349: Flower Preservation

Flowers add a beautiful touch to your wedding, but why does their beauty have to stop there?  Get your flowers preserved and have them last forever!  Flower Preservation will have your flowers looking their best for years to come. Hiring a Professional Preserver Do your research and find a professional who has experience and great reviews to back them [...]

Charming Deet #346: Mmm-Worthy Fall Flavors

With the passing of summer, it does not mean all of the delicious fruits and treats leave with it.  Autumn always seems to bring about those flavors that only taste the best that time of year.  Mixing in those special flavors into your menu can set the mood for the rest of the evening and warm the hearts of your guests. Just a few of the best to choose from[...]

Charming Deet #344: Yum S'mores!

S'mores are such a classic summertime treat, so why not have them at your summer wedding?  They are delicious and something everyone will enjoy. A bonfire can be a great way to end the night.  Have a few settings of s'mores roasting supplies and the chocolate and graham crackers someplace easily accessible yet out of the way of bugs. Would you even try a[...]

Charming Deet #342: Symbolic Wedding Flowers

Have you ever thought about what certain flowers symbolize? If you want to suffuse your wedding flowers with symbolism, check out the list we have put together of some of our favorite flowers and what they stand for symbolically.  I would never have guessed some of them!  We also added when they are in season and roughly what price range they fall into. [...]

Charming Deet #311: Bridal Bouquet Savings

We all know that weddings can get costly, but they don't have to be.  You can always find ways to save money an still get what you want!!  The Bride's Bouquet is one of the many things you can save money on. Of course you have probably heard that using silk flowers is cheaper than buying fresh flowers, which in most cases it is.  But maybe you do not [...]

Charming Deet # 296: Eco-Friendly Inspiration

In a world where we are trying to keep our planet sustainable, people can do their part in every way they can, especially when you find another person who is just as passionate as you are.  That's why eco-friendly weddings are becoming more popular, and that doesn't mean asking your guests to go without.  It just means making a few changes and still keeping [...]