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Charming Deet #319: DIY Photo Booths

On a daily basis, people are constantly taking pictures. People love a good, picture! They capture those moments in time that just cannot quite be explained with words. Photo booths have become one of the staple wedding items because they are fun and silly. Funny props and good friends always make for a great picture, but photo booths can run upwards of $500[...]

Charming Deet #252: Autumn Add-Ons

Whether you wedding is just around the corner and you need a couple small detail ideas or you're just beginning to plan your fall wedding for next year, we've got you covered on some super cute fall add-ons!  Not only are the colors of fall GORGEOUSSSSS but the air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and everyone is FALLing in love. Colors are an obvio[...]

Charming Deet #240: Parental Gift Guidelines

We can’t express how important it is for the bride and groom to thank the people who have been in their lives the longest and helped get them to this very special day. While personally thanking them or sending a hand-written letter are both great ways to say “thank you,” giving them a gift to remember the day by is another wonderful option! {{Availa[...]

Charming Deet #233 Midnight Snacks

So you have spent the night dancing away and the party is just about to come to an end... is there a more fabulous way to end the night than with a nice "midnight snack"? A new trend that has many brides buzzing is the idea of sending guests home with a little treat for the ride home! #1 Cookies and Milk Shots It's something to satisfy just about anyones[...]

Charming Deet #228: Beach Wedding Necessities

If you've ever lived near the water, or even if you haven't, you've probably considered a beach setting for your big day. While beach weddings may seem to be the easiest or simplest type of wedding, there are definitely elements that can make your day even more special. One of these items can be your choice of ring "pillow." One really cute idea is to[...]

Charming Deet #222: Live band or DJ?

Everyone knows that one of the key elements of a phenomenal party is dance-move inspiring music!! Making the decision between having a live band or DJ is totally up to your personal preferences, but we will discuss some of the details to consider when deciding what to have on your wedding night!   DJ... If you are dying to hear dozens of so[...]