Helllllllo all you charmers out there. I know it’s been a whiiiiiiiile since our last post…. a while! So…. hello [: Let me give you a run down of where I’ve been since… ummm… lets skip the logistics.

– I became POC full time!! -Huge accomplishment for me seeing as how I wanted to be home with my son and work at the same time.

– During the holiday season (Off season for weddings) I get to do what we all LOVE… decorate for Christmas!!! I have the privilege of doing that from November-January with Sparkle Holiday Design & Décor.

– Now that summer is here, I take Ax(my son) to Water Country/ Busch Gardens at least once a week.

– I went to Oklahoma to deliver items donated from Hampton Rods residents to all the victims affected by the tornado.

– I adopted a dog from Oklahoma while I was there- his name is Boomer. Love him <3

– This wedding season- so far- I’ve had the privilege to work with many couples, vendors and a great staff!!

I know it’s not much, but it’s a start… BUT know, we are back!!! Every week there will be a personal blog post and every week there will be a post about what Pinch of Charm did throughout the weekend. I am so super duper excited to be back to blogging and I hope that y’all are happy to have me back. Have a ‘charming’ night y’all!