New Year | New Me | Hello 2017.

Hello world, can you hear me? It’s Shay. You know, the one who hasn’t blogged in OVER a year…. ummmm… what in the world?! Yea… I know. So, let’s talk for a moment, okay? Let’s get a little personal. Let me explain myself for a little bit. Let me tell you about the year 2016.

It all started on December 10th, 2015. We moved out of our 1st home that Adam and I had purchased. It had been the only home that Axton, our oldest son, had known. It’s where we brought him home two days after he was born. It’s where he had his friends. It’s where he learned how to throw a baseball. And where he busted his chin and got his first set of stitches. It’s where he learned to walk and was potty trained. December 10th, 2015 was a very emotional day for our family. As sad as we were to close that chapter of our lives, we were even more excited for the new one we were about to embark, because just 9 short days later and 6 days before Christmas,  our second son, Ace Jericho, was born. And, on his daddy’s 30th birthday at that 🙂
As joyful we were were to bring baby Ace home, “home” wasn’t exactly what you would think. We didn’t sell our 1st home and move into our second. Nope. We were building our second home, and it wouldn’t be ready until May. So, the game plan was that I would move to my parents house in Northern Virginia and Adam would stay back for work. So in the mean time of us selling our home and waiting for baby Ace to make his arrival, we stayed with a very generous friend of mine. Alisha, I thank God for you every day!
Now there’s no more waiting, baby Ace is here and we are off to my parents house in Northern Virginia. He truly was the best Christmas present I could have ever asked for! I even posed him under the Christmas tree! hahahaha 🙂 It really was a blessing to be with my parents again. Even at the age of 29, married and now with two kids, I truly enjoyed living at home again. Even though I missed my own home with my husband, theres just something comforting about having your mom around. 
Adam and I lived apart for 5 months. We saw each other about once a month. I don’t think it was the hardest thing I have ever done. But is sure wasn’t the easiest either. Our baby was less than 2 weeks old when Adam went back for work and I stayed with my parents. My hats go off to single parents. Seriously. Yes, I was with my parents and they helped a ton, but theres something to be said about having your husband around. Needless to say, this was a different time for us. I’m just so thankful that our marriage was as strong as it was.. no wait, IS. God truly was looking out for us. I know how difficult that was for us.. my heart aches for those who have spouses who are deployed. You guys deserve a standing ovation!
Anywho, so 5 months apart… cool. Now, in that 5 months, we were busy with building a house. It was rather exciting. Stressful, but exciting. We got to choose our siding, brick, kitchen, paint colors, floors. I  mean, how cool is that?! Check out some of the progress pictures!
Once our house was done, we didn’t waste any time signing the paperwork and moving in!!! Yay! We were in! FINALLY!
And then….
13 days later, our house flooded from the inside out. Literally. Or from the outside in, depending on how you look at it. Long story short, the builder made a boo-boo and it made our downstairs toilet flood. All of the water that was in the bathtub upstairs was now being drained out of the downstairs toilet. Great (eye roll). Our brand new house would now be under renovations for the next two and a half months. May 13th, we closed on our house. May 27th, our house flooded. July 30th, our house is back to normal. Ugggghhhhh….
So by now, you’re either thinking to yourself, “my goodness… that’s a lot” or you’re thinking “eh, no big deal. I’ve seen worse.” And if that’s the case, that’s okay. But just to reiterate- had a baby, moved two days later, lived away from husband, lived 3 hours away from my clients, homeschooled by oldest son, built a house and ran a full time business. So… that brings me to the whole “I’m sorry I didn’t blog at all in 2016, I’ve been a tad busy.” But seriously.
I had absolutely zero time to dedicate to my website, blogging, instagram and Facebook. Life got me. 2016 got me. I was dedicated to my move, my kids, my husband and my clients. I literally had no more to give. I hate to say that, but then again, I don’t. I don’t pride myself on having a ton of followers on instagram or five thousand “likes”. Because frankly, it’s all fake. An instagram feed isn’t real life. My job isn’t made up of a stapler, paper clips and a pen perfectly placed on my desk and used as a photo prop. My life isn’t a hallmark card where it’s all rainbows and smiles every single day. I am real. My job is real. And real is messy. I endured sleepless nights, fussy kids and client files flung all over my office. But you know what, I am 100% okay with that. Was I bummed that I didn’t get a chance to blog at all this year? Yea, a little. But honestly, I was more excited to spend time with my children and please my clients. They are my priorities! Not my instagram followers and its perfectly currated feed displaying nothing but stock photos.
I am settled. I am home. My baby is bigger. That season of my life, that busy, sleepless season is behind me. And because of that, I vow to now get my business back to where it was before. I want to blog more. I want to take more time to write about what I love so much. What I live on a daily basis. Will blogging come before my  family time? No way Jose! But I can guarantee it will come!
I don’t want to say that 2016 was horrible. I don’t even like saying that it was hard. I think the best word to use for this year is Overwhelming. Yes, overwhelming. Would I have done it over again? Ummm… I would do all of those things over, maybe just not all at the same time 😉
As overwhelming as 2016 was, it was probably the most blessed year I’ve ever had! Although Ace was born in 2015, it was the very end, so I consider him a 2016 blessing because that’s really when I got to enjoy him the most 🙂 I got to live with my parents and reconnect with them. I moved into my dream home! I got my dream dog! My husband got me my dream car! I turned 30. Ace turned 1. Axton lost his 1st tooth.. and then 5 more this year. Ace got his first tooth and then 5 more too! hahaha. We had a mini family vacation camping. I got to see my grandparents for a vacation in Pigeon Forge and my parents treated us all to Hershey Park too. And then Adam and I got a much needed couples vacation to the Dominican Republic while the kiddos stayed with my in laws who had just moved back to Virginia after being in California for 10 years. So like I said, 2016 is also a year full of blessings. Incredible blessings.
As I say goodbye to a whirlwind of a year, I am so looking forward to a much calmer year. Dear 2017, I am very much looking forward to you. I can’t wait to relax and enjoy the blessings. I am looking forward to watching my kids grow. I’m looking forward to spending more time with my clients. I am looking forward to going back to the me that I once was. To the overly excited, organized,  and fun loving business woman that I used to be- on top of being a wife and mother. 2016, thank you for all of the lessons and blessings you have provided me. 2017, I welcome you with open arms to a New Year | New Me | Hello 2017