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This blog post will be formatted differently. This will be a blog post of memories. Good memories. Inappropriate memories. Funny memories. Just plain, memories.

When I first met Maria, it was a fun meeting to say the least! She is so vibrant and fun to be around. Always smiling, always happy and even with the stress of planning, she was still so funny!!!

When I met Philip, he was even funnier!!! I can’t even tell you what we talked about because it was so off the wall (and mildly inappropriate! hahahaha!) and ridiculous! But to say he was down to earth is an understatement.

Maria & Philip are definitely different than any other couple I have ever met. Every couple has their battles, their issues, their thing that just gets in the way. School, work, kids, life… we all have it.  But Maria and Philip had so much more. So much more that I can’t honestly talk about without breaking out in tears and hysterically crying. But the amazing thing about their love story is that I can honestly say that through all of their trials, the one and only thing that was ever important to the two of them was, each other.

As cliche and cheesy as that sounds, it’s so true. This wedding could not have happened, and they would have been perfectly fine with it as long as it was them, together (and their adorable little pup!). They loved each other through everything.

I have several memories of that night. Some with Maria. Some with Philip. Some with both. But mostly with Philip (partially because he was driving me crazy!!!!).

Maria Memories:

She was calm as could be.

Hair & Makeup started way later than I was hoping it would.

She still made it to the ceremony on time 🙂

Her face when she saw the room and cake was priceless!!

Watching her take shots from the ice sculpture was hilariously funny!!! (I didn’t post pictures… you’re welcome!) hahahahaha!!!

She loves her girlfriends and danced with them… total white girl dancing!

She looked at Philip with the “holy crap, I love you. This is really happening” look… several times.

Philip Memories:

He was going to the lake the day of his wedding… to go speed boating… or something. Can we say wedding planner nightmare?!

He arrived to the wedding on time. Thank goodness!!!

And he didn’t take the boat out!!!! Thank you baby Jesus!!

He definitely forgot his catheter at home. “If I piss my pants, I piss my pants!” His outlook on this was pretty simple. hahahaha. Excuse my while I die laughing while I task a Groomsmen to take care of this. LOL! (Seriously, thinking about this makes me laugh out loud!)

He was genuinely happy. Just. Plain. Happy.

Memories of the both of them:

Cartwheeling on the dance floor in his wheel chair.

Even when they were on separate sides of the room from each other, they were still looking at one another.

It was inevitable that they are each other rock.

Their exit in the getaway Mustang…. another heart attack for us wedding planners as he drives his Mustang away… into a bush… almost flipping it…as I pee my pants. While they laugh hysterically, driving away. (Note* His knee got stuck on the gas knob and it execrated the car much faster than he anticipated. Luckily he has wicked reflexes and was able to maneuver the car!)

Maria & Philip will forever be etched into my memory. They are unlike any couple I have ever met. Their love is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And I am honored, truly honored, that I was able to be such a small part of the most perfect day that they have every spent together. I love you both so much!















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