Planning your wedding by yourself? Don’t let the stress get to you! It can be a lot easier than one thinks. First, you must have a PLAN! Remember in high school and you had to write an outline before you submitted your paper? Man, were those english teachers on their A game! Seriously, listen to them! If planning alone (by alone I mean without a coordinator) just have a years’ worth of outlines. Where, when, guest list, food, dress, rings, honeymoon, etc. By separating you are minimizing the stress and have better chances of everything coming together smoothly.

Next, make a list of vendors. Bridal Shows, Bridal Shows, BRIDAL SHOWS! I can’t stress enough why Bridal Shows are important. They have every vendor imaginable. Caterers, venues, coordinators, cakes (or cupcakes), photographers, rental companies; the list goes on and on. Take cards, try samples, ask questions. DO NOT be afraid to ask questions at a Bridal Show. DUH! That’s why they are there.

BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET. Ladies, need I saw more?! If you set a budget, stick with it. If you are going to splurge for one item, then lower the cost of another. The wedding may be a blast, but spending money that you don’t have will kick you right in the forehead when you step off the plane from the awesome vacation you were just on.

That’s all Ive got for now. But stay tuned, I have soooo much on my mind, I just don’t want to bore you with all the wedding details too soon. HAH! Who am I kidding, you’re engaged… you want it all right now :]