{AmandaGdesigns} is a charming Etsy shop that all started when Amanda

asked her husband to craft a wooden sign to hang above the mantle in their home.


Amanda posted the finished product on her blog and was overwhelmed with the popularity!

She started her Etsy shop to sell the signs which soon after included her wedding guest book designs.

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Guest books are a wedding tradition that is starting to phase out; instead couples are finding

new unique ways to include their guests in their wedding memories.

Amanda’s designs are just that! …a unique new take on the traditional signed book.

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Amanda’s guest books serve as a darling decoration for your home for years to come after the wedding day.

Her signs are created with the highest quality materials and hand painted by Amanda herself!


The signs come in many different designs, colors and wording options.

She will also do custom orders.


For shop updates and more from {AmandaGdesigns} visit Amanda’s blog at {Growing Up Gardner},

Facebook at {Growing Up Gardner/FB}, and her Instagram @amandagdesigns.


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