Planning a seating chart can be a daunting task during your planning process, however it is still important. People like knowing where to sit because it avoids confusion and awkward encounters. Here are some tips and tricks to help ease the stress of preparing a seating chart.

1) Start as early as possible

Not every wedding guest is going to respond to your invitation immediately, but getting a jump start on your seating chart is not a bad idea. Create a list of your guest and start thinking about how you want to break them up The bride’s friend, the bride’s family, the groom’s friend, and the groom’s family are good categories to start with. It is perfectly fine to make last-minute changes, but creating your seating chart early can relieve some unnecessary stress later on.


2) Creating your chart

Creating your actual chart is going to be the hardest part of this process, but have no fear! There are many ways that you can create your chart. Begin with a large sheet of paper, dry erase board or PowerPoint with circles or rectangles to represent your tables. Fill in the names of your guests and where you would like for them to sit. Or you could write every guest’s name on a sticky note and place them accordingly. Do not write place the guests in any form where you can move things around because there will be some rearranging until every person is in a good seat.


3) Don’t forget the Head Table

You wouldn’t want to get to your wedding reception and have nowhere to sit. Decide if you want to have one long kings table that seats all of the wedding party or a sweetheart table where you and your spouse can enjoy some alone time. If you choose to do a sweetheart table, you’ll want to place your wedding party where they will be comfortable. You can seat them together or disperse them through the remaining guests with their family or dates.


4) What about Uncle Nick and Uncle Joe?

Not all family members get along all the time. If you want to minimize the drama on your wedding day, and I can promise you that you do, you’ll want to seat these types of guests away from each other.


5) What way to Display?

Once your seating chart is finalized, you’ll want to decide how to display it so that your guests know where to sit when they arrive. Most couples choose to have individual escort cards with the names of guests. Other ways to display your seating chart are by having a list printed out displaying guest’s names in alphabetical order or by table number. If you enjoy DIY crafts, chalkboard signs are also a great to display your seating chart.


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