Flowers add a beautiful touch to your wedding, but why does their beauty have to stop there?  Get your flowers preserved and have them last forever!  Flower Preservation will have your flowers looking their best for years to come.


Hiring a Professional Preserver

Do your research and find a professional who has experience and great reviews to back them up.  Once you know who you want to do your preservation, book them about a month in advance.  If you wait until after your wedding day to book them, your flowers could wilt and die before they can preserve them.  Pink Clover Preservation & Design is located in York, PA and is just one of many great preservation companies available.


Ship or drop off your flowers as soon as possible after your wedding.  The next day or two is highly recommended.  How you do this and the delivery or pick of your flowers will differ for each company and should be discussed ahead of time.


Choosing Your Style

Every couple has their own unique style, let that shine through with your choice in design for your flower preservation.  You can use just the flowers, the whole bouquet and boutonniere, you can even add in other keepsakes from your wedding (Invitation, garter, etc.).


Other Preservation Styles

There are so many different ways you can display your flowers.  Pictured below are two unique ways you can preserve your flowers, so they can be displayed on your desk!

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-Charmer JH