Will You Be My Bridesmaid?  One of the most fun and exciting questions you get to ask your girls after your man popped the question to you.  This is one DIY idea that you are sure to love!


Below is a Step-by-Step to make these cute DIY ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ Boxes!

I asked six girls to be my Bridesmaids (This includes my Maid of Honor).  The following list of supplies will make six complete Boxes.  You Will Need: A computer, a printer, 2 sheets of white copy paper, 2 large sheets of card stock (in your wedding colors), six 4×4 brown boxes, a black sharpie, a black ultra fine tip sharpie, a pencil, scissors, 10 yards of 5/8 inch Ribbon & 10 yards of 3/8 inch Ribbon (in your wedding colors), six small safety pins, hole puncher, curling ribbon, six name tags, six round metal-rimmed tags, and six white or clear balloons.


1. Fold the boxes, closing the bottom and leaving the tops open.


2. Using the hole puncher cut out 120 of each color of cardstock.  I used a heart shape puncher and cut out a total 36 of each color.


3. Print out your choice of picture, or just text saying “Will you be my bridesmaid?”  I printed them to be 3.5×5 inch.  I wouldn’t use anything bigger than that, as you will be inserting them into the balloons later on.


4. Cut out the picture and use the pencil to role them into a scroll.  Start with the bottom of the picture first.


5. Once you have the picture rolled up, tie a curling ribbon (approx. a foot long) around the scroll, double knot, and curl the ends.


6. Take the card stock you have cut out and the scroll and place it inside the balloon.


7. Tie a curling ribbon (approx. 1 foot long) to the round metal rimmed tag, using the ultra fine tip sharpie write pop me, and attach the safety pin through the center.  Using the sharpie write the girl’s name on the name tag and set aside.


8. Blow up the balloon with the card stock and scroll in it.  Tie the balloon off using the opposite end of the “Pop Me” ribbon.


9. Insert the balloon into the box and shut it.  If the lid won’t stay shut, use a small piece of tape so it will not open.


10. Tie the 5/8 inch ribbon (approx. 4.5-5 feet long) around the box.


11. Repeat step 10 with the 3/8 inch ribbon (approx. 4.5-5 feet long).  Tying a bow with the two on top.


12. Tie on the name tag to the box.  I loop the string on the name tag under both ribbons so it doesn’t slide off.


You can use these for your Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Flower girls, and Mistress of Ceremony.  Happy crafting!!

-Charmer JH