Have you ever thought about what certain flowers symbolize?


If you want to suffuse your wedding flowers with symbolism, check out the list we have put together of some of our favorite flowers and what they stand for symbolically.  I would never have guessed some of them!  We also added when they are in season and roughly what price range they fall into.


Symbolic Wedding Flowers


Meaning In Season Price Range
Anemone Expectation Fall to Spring Moderate
Baby’s Breath Innocence Year-round Inexpensive
Calla Lily Magnificent beauty Spring and Summer Expensive
Carnation Pink represents boldness, red symbolizes love, and white indicates talent. Year-round Inexpensive
Chrysanthemum (or mum) Wealth, abundance, truth Year-round Inexpensive
Daffodil Regard Spring Inexpensive (in season)
Daisy Share your feelings Year-round Inexpensive (in season)
Delphinium Swiftness, lightness Summer Moderate
Freesia Innocence Spring and Summer Inexpensive (in season)
Gardenia Purity, joy Year-round Expensive
Hydrangea Understanding Spring and Fall Expensive
Iris A message of faith, wisdom Spring Moderate to Expensive
Lilac Love’s first emotions Spring Moderate to Expensive
Lily Majesty, truth, honor Summer Moderate to Expensive
Lily of the Valley Happiness Spring and Summer Expensive
Magnolia Love of nature Spring and Summer Expensive
Orchid Love, beauty Year-round Expensive
Peony Bashfulness, the American spirit of ambition and determination Late Spring Expensive


Love, joy, beauty Year-round Moderate to Expensive
Stephanotis Marital happiness Year-round Moderate
Stock Lasting beauty Year-round Inexpensive
Sunflower Short-stemmed sunflowers mean adoration Fall Inexpensive to Moderate (in season)
Sweet Pea Pleasure Late Spring and Early Summer Moderate
Tulip Love, passion Late Spring



What flower messages do you love the most??


-Charmer JH