The rice has settled and the sparklers have been put out. Your wedding night is officially over (sad face), but you have one last thing to do… getaway. There is nothing more classic than riding away after a long night in a vintage getaway car with “Just Married” decorated across the back windshield. Take it one step further by adding streamers and aluminum cans dangling from the bumper. The getaway car is the last thing your guest will see before you leave for the night, so why not spice things up a bit!

Thinking outside of the box however, there are some pretty cool ways to getaway at the end of the night!


Maybe your into a new model sports car (renting is all the rage).


Or even a limo. Talk about classy!

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Four wheels not your thing.. try two…

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Or none! Boats are cute getaway vehicle for beach or lake weddings.

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And there is always my personal favorite, the horse-drawn carriage!

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Getaway vehicles are also a cute way to exit after the ceremony and can be a means of transportation to the reception. However you choose to go out, make sure you go out in style!!

Charmer DBC