Bridal Shower 2

Planning a wedding shower can seem like a simple task, but before you know it you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the details; the food, the decorations, the drinks, sending out the invites, getting your RSVPs, and last but certainly not least, the games!

Games can take your average wedding shower and push its success level over the top. Have you heard of The Marshmallow Game? It’s awesome!!

Getting ready to play:

Start by creating a list of words that all can be related back to the wedding theme (matrimony, ceremony, church, bridesmaid, vows, toast, reception, etc.). Next cut the words up, fold them up, and place them in a basket, hat, or whatever you want to use to pass around the circle of guests playing the game. Now you will need a few bags of marshmallows (depending on how many guests you have). We suggest using jumbo marshmallows.

How the games works:

The bride-to-be is the guesser – Round 1 = 1 marshmallow – going around the circle, each guest places on marshmallow in his/her mouth and picks a word from the basket. He/she says the word he selected, and the bride has to guess the word. Continue around the circle until it gets back to the guest who started. You’ve now completed round 1. Round 2 = 2 marshmallows, repeat process. Round 3 = 3 marshmallows, repeat process, etc. If the bride is unable to guess your word, you are out. The last guest remaining in the game wins!

Fun suggestion: Customize the words you pick for the game, this can make it 10 times more hilarious! For example, use the names of the groomsmen, or the city in which the wedding will be, or the place which the couple met, etc.

Happy planning!