You may have read some of our previous blogs which have talked about the various ways you can do a send off, other than throwing of the rice.  But I want to focus on this idea, and emphasis how AMAZING this would be!



I am seriously obsessed–if you couldn’t tell by all of the caps and exclamtion marks.   88be00134699660cc372dca839291280

Seriously though, if you are a baker or even just a sweet-a-holoic like I am, you got to love this idea!  The packaging options for this are endless.  You could put them in cones, have them in little bags with a ribbion tying them shut, you could even have a bucket full of sprinkles and your guest just grab a handful.

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Talk about better for the environment too!! Insetead of having confetti or something that you would have to pick up after words, use sprinkles!!!  You can leave them on the ground and they will either melt away or birds will come and eat them (I’m sure they will be very thankful for the special treat).


You can order sprinkles in bulk from and make it a DIY project, or order pre-packaged one from etsy!



-Charmer JH