Recently I was watching Four Weddings on TLC and I was inspired to write this post about the hilarious game played at one of the couples weddings. The couple called it the shoe game, which at first doesn’t sound all that appealing considering the game entails holding shoes, but it was actually super cute!



To play the shoe game you first need two chairs. The bride and groom sit back to back in the chairs and take off their shoes. They swap one shoe each so that each person has two different shoes. And if holding shoes doesn’t sound fun try something that represents you as a couple, like the picture below!

Hannah and Nate Baughman's wedding held Saturday, July 14, 2012 at the Mangum Farm near Sandpoint, Idaho.

Then one or more attendants of the wedding, whether it be the DJ, a bridesmaid or random friend/family member, asks the couple a series of question about their relationship. Some examples might be, “Who said I love you first?” “Who takes the longest to get ready?” or “Who is the funniest?” The funny part of watching the couple play this game was that they had no idea what the other person was saying and if they answered similarly or differently. The more outlandish questions that are asked, the funnier the game will be!!


Charmer DBC