Have you ever thought about having an ice sculpture at your wedding?!

Yes, no, maybe so…too complicated of an idea to even entertain it? Yeah, we understand.

But there are a lot of really special qualities that an ice sculpture can bring to your big day, and they might just be worth a second glance.

Name sculptureRose sculpture LOVE sculpture















I’m betting your first thought is “but it’s going to melt”. And…you’re right, it is. BUT part of the uniqueness of an ice sculpture is that sense of awe and wonder over something so delicately made specifically for you and your special day, that only those who are attending it get the chance to see it. Besides, you’d be surprised at how long these things can actually stay intact. Not to mention, you can literally get just about anything you want!

From the 2010 iPhone 365 Project Collection of Paul Manoian, an on-location professional family photographer, senior photographer and wedding photographer.

Letter sculpture


There are couple tips and tricks to keeping your ice sculpture in one, non-melted piece for as long as possible. First off, avoid adding color to your ice. The color inhibits the ability of light to pass freely through the ice; therefore, your ice is absorbing the light and the heat that comes along with it. Secondly, try to strategically place your ice sculpture somewhere where you have control over the climate and temperature. Thirdly, bigger is better! The thicker your sculpture, the longer it will last.

liquour sculpture

Happy sculpting 🙂