Can you imagine having your wedding underwater!?! Yes, we mean that insanely important, life-changing ceremony of yours…yeah that one…under the sea! Sounds crazy right? But this is actually a real thing and these unique weddings are definitely one-of-a-kind. Now it’s pretty obvious that an underwater ceremony is not ideal for most people, but hey…it’s still neat to look at, right?

underwater ceremony

So if you happen to fall into the category of, well, basically everyone who doesn’t see themselves having their wedding ceremony under the sea, we’ve found some ways to bring the sea to you! Often times aquariums will rent out spaces for ceremonies which provides a really awesome backdrop for your ceremony.

aquarium ceremony


There are a lot of ways to have an under-the-sea theme for your wedding – and no we’re not talking The Little Mermaid type stuff. Check it out!

underwater theme 2

underwater theme 3

underwater theme 4




underwater theme table

Wedding themes can be a really neat way to personalize your wedding and there is such a wide variety of ways that you can manipulate this under-the-sea idea to match your own personal preferences. Sometimes a theme that seems really bizarre and out of your interest can actually turn out to be more appealing than you imagined. Take your time to search through your choices, and don’t forget to wander around on sites like Pinterest for some inspiration!