Ever wonder how you can make your groom feel just as special as you on the wedding day? Grooms cakes are a fun tradition that began in the Victorian era as an alternate cake that was denser, richer and made for “manly men.” Typically, grooms cakes were made out of dark chocolate or fruit while the bride’s cakes were made out of light flour. Today’s trend allows for grooms cakes to be whatever flavor the groom likes the best. Also, they have transformed from basic cakes to incredibly crafted masterpieces. Looking through Pinterest, I have seen every cake creation out there. They can be created represents any number of the grooms interests from sports such as these…

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To cars…

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To music…

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Even the most obscure interests can be turned into confectionery perfection!

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 So let your groom have his cake and eat it too!

Charmer DBC