Just the other day, my mommy mentioned to me that I have a vintage, heirloom engagement ring waiting for me, or my future fiancé, passed down from my great-grandma. Looking at pictures of it sparked the internal debate of something old vs. something new. I thought for a minute about whether I would personally want a brand new ring or if I would wear the one passed down through the generations of great women in my family.  Some of the thoughts I had included:



A brand new ring would be more personal to me. It would encompass my personal style and would be a heartfelt gift from my fiancé.  On the other hand, an heirloom ring is also personal because it has been a part of my family for decades.



A brand new ring would also be more expensive. The future is unpredictable, and if money is tight at the time, wearing my great-grandma’s ring will save on costs.



Wearing a new ring goes along with my taste and how I like to keep up with the latest trends. My style is ever evolving and a new ring would be a trendy staple. However, an heirloom or vintage ring is timeless. The stones in the heirloom ring can be placed in a new setting more suited to my taste.



No matter my decision, I know my choice will be beautiful. Plus, I have quite awhile to make a decision!

And if anyone was curious, here is the picture of my great-grandma’s engagement ring!


Charmer DC