Everyone wants to remember their wedding day, right? It’s a no-brainer. Whether you’re the bride or the groom, capturing this day and everyone who was a part of it is an absolute must. So you hire the photographer, you’ll have it all on video, not to mention you’ll be receiving copies of all the photos your guests are taking – basically anything that can help you keep the day alive a little longer.

The guest book is a pretty obvious addition to any wedding, and it’s a great way to let your friends and family leave a message that can last you forever. But, let’s face it, how often will you really go reading through that guest book? It’s highly likely it will collect some dust more than it will turn its pages.

Take this traditional must-have and turn it in to something more unique that can serve as more than just a memory.



Having your guests sign a custom made game can be a really unique way to transform your guest book into something more than just a hopeful page turner. Ideas like this allow you to revisit your guest’s notes each time you play! They also give you a pretty cool personalized game to show off later!



This bucket list idea is a favorite!! How much fun would it be to have spontaneous experiences and adventures with your future husband or wife without ever having to think of it on your own?! Just close your eyes, take your pick, and you can’t say no!

Another idea is to transform your guest book into a part of your home with something you could use every day…




….or into something you see every day! We’re talking about your first memory as a couple hanging right on your wall!




Just don’t get so hung up on the idea of tradition that you’re thinking you have to have a guest book. Because, guess what? YOU DON’T! This is YOUR day and you can have whatever your little heart desires. Get creative and think big!