So you just got engaged… CONGRATULATIONS!! Celebrate!
Have FUN! Don’t get bogged down right away with trying to
start the planning process.  Take some time and just work
your way up to that.  Relish in the moments directly after
saying yes and make a mental note of exactly how you feel
right then and there.  That just became one of the most
memorable days in your life.

After you’ve had some time to relax, have fun, & enjoy
this amazing new beginning with your fiancé, it’s time to
make some phone calls to those people who mean the most to
you two.  Now, a lot of people go straight to social media, but
be sure to contact those VIPs personally and first; you would
never want to find out such a big life event from someone you
are super close to via Facebook or Instagram.  Once you’ve
shared your fantastic news, post a cute pic with your love
featuring your new bling and smiling faces!

Next, you’ll definitely want to get that ring insured!  This is
often forgotten about but essential in case of an accident or
loss.  You’ll want to have that protection plan.  This can easily
be arranged through the jewelry store that the ring originally
came from or (if it’s a family heirloom) through your regular
insurance company.  Another thing often overlooked is the
necessity to keep those nails looking beautiful!  Buy a new
nail polish for the season or keep up a manicure.  Over the
next few weeks, you’ll be showing off that ring (and your
nails) a lot more than you think.

shannon engagement

Now, start dreaming!!  Sit down with your fiancé and hash out
all of your wedding dreams!  This can be so much fun if you
don’t take everything super seriously at first.  After you’ve
narrowed down a few elements, it’s time to get down to business!
A good place to start is your guest count since this will play a
large role in determining your budget.  The more people you
have, the larger your venue, food order, and overall budget.


(But that really is a whole other blog post.)

After you’ve got that down, check out the local wedding
planners and consider hiring one of them to help alleviate
some of the stress!  Then everything else is a breeze(;

{{Congratulations on your engagement, Shannon! & thank you for letting POC use your photos!}}

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