Guest books are becoming more and more creative, engaging, and decorative!
Guest books were orginially provided at weddings to take a log of who all
attended the special occasion.  This was basically a log of all the witnesses
who could testify the reality of the wedding and was therefore signed after
the ceremony.  Three creative ideas for guest books are old records, a
blown up engagement photo, or any large object you will have in your house.


If you choose to go with the records, pick some that you and your
finacé really enjoy!  Songs that mean something to you, your first dance, your
first concert together, your favorite bands.  After your guests sign them, you
can hang them in your living room, add some spice to your game room, or
wherever you like to relax.


Choose your favorite engagement photo and have it blown up.  Then put it
in a white card frame and finally in a formal frame.  have this set up or lying
on a table at your reception for your guests to sign.  After you get back from
your honeymoon, choose the best place in your house and hang it up!  You’ll
be able to see it every day and be reminded of all those supporting you!


Finally, any large object that you will have in your house of use fairly often
would be a great idea for a guest book.  These items can include a decorative
boat oar to hang on your wall, your wooden monogram to display at your
home, or a pair of rocking chairs! (go big or go home!)


Whether you choose to go the traditional route or make your guest book more
modern, you will no doubt remember this day and those who support you forever!

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