A wedding celebration simply is not complete until the cutting of the cake.It’s a focal point and tradition going all the way back to the Roman Empire. The cake was crumbed over the bride’s head and eaten by guests as a good omen. Wedding cake’s history evolved over time to the artistic and delicious delicacies we enjoy today.

Cake topper’s have their own little anecdote as well. A long time ago a baker’s daughter asked her father to create a symbol of the couple’s undying love for one another. The baker went on to top the cake with two figurines of his daughter and groom. The Bride was greatly moved by the gift and that’s how the cake topper tradition began.

Traditional cake toppers have taken a turn from tacky to classy. The wedding cake presentation says a lot about the couples personality and style. {{BetterOffWed }} creates gorgeous cake toppers to fit any personality.


They have a mired of options and even do custom work. The toppers are beautifully crafted from eco-friendly wood board, blond birch and rich mahogany wood and painted gold or silver.


The cake topper can be kept as a lifelong treasure!

{{BetterOffWed }} provides a beautiful keepsake box to store your topper safely from venue to home!


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