As a little girl, we have dreamt of our wedding day.

The perfect dress.

The perfect venue.

And the perfect guy.

We also picture who will be standing beside us on our big day. Though the names may change as the  years go by, we all picture it.

Once the afterglow of being newly engaged sinks in, it’s time to start thinking about what women are going to be right there with you.

This isn’t something to take lightly. You want women who encourage you, support you, and make you happy. You want women who are going to help you shine on your big day.

In our society today, there are a million and one ways to ask someone to be your bridesmaid. Cards, boxes, hangers, wine bottles. This is your time to get crafty and personal with each bridesmaid.

{{TakeitPersonallybyM}} give you the ability to to show the women in your life how much you mean to them and how your day wouldn’t be complete without them by your side.






These requests are simple, adorable, and classy. They turn into an instant keepsake and express how important sharing your day with them will be. {{TakeitPersonallybyM}} also allows you the option to insert a different saying onto the dress if you have something special in mind.

When your day finally arrives and you snag your prince charming make sure you have those women beside you to make it that much more special.