We’re gonna back it up a bit and help you find the perfect dress to follow along with Charming Deet #190!

Whether you like to admit it or not, every little girl has dreamed of their fantasy wedding dress from a very young age.  Your taste may constantly change but this fact will forever remain: it is a not a decision to be taken lightly.  There are so many shows on television these days highlighting and addressing the stress that comes with finding your perfect dress.  Traditional versus modern, white versus an alternative and budget are only two of the many elements that can cause stress during the dress search.

While all brides are different there is nothing wrong with deciding to choose a traditional gown or opting for something more contemporary.  With this decision comes the option of which color to wear on your big day.  Traditional white and off-white have always been popular selections, but what the wedding industry is seeing more and more are alternative colors such as blush, sage, and black.  Choosing to wear a non-traditionally colored wedding dress, can add a wonderful splash of color that may be accented or highlighted by the processional’s attire.

For many brides, the budget is a very sensitive topic, discussed most commonly and in depth with those providing financial assistance and the wedding planner.  One of the most important things that really cannot be stressed enough is the fact that as soon as you try on a gown that is over your budget, you will fall in love with it.  This is the point at which either the budget or the heart gets broken.  The best thing to do when searching for your perfect dress is to make sure that everyone who is pulling dresses for you to try on is aware of your budget and how strictly you want to stick to remaining at or under that budget.  Just remember these helpful finance shopping tips that will help you leave your piggy bank in tact:

  1. Start looking for your wedding dress 6-8 months before your big day.  This leaves enough time for alterations, payment plans if needed, and any unexpected delays.
  2. Try to purchase your dream dress between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Stores tend to move inventory toward the end of the year, and will many times have specials or deals.
  3. When deciding and voicing your dress budget, factor in $200-$800 for any necessary alterations.
  4. Department stores can have beautiful dress that can be modified to fit your day while easily fitting into your budget.
  5. Sample sales and trunk shows are great places to find deals on dreamy dresses but remember to be prepared to pay up front.
  6. There are also organizations that raise money for different causes such as breast cancer and cervical cancer that have large trunk shows across the country.

While all of these stressers are taking place around you during your important search, please, please, please remember that YOU are the one wearing the dress.  It’s all about how the dress makes you feel!