Table numbers are a great way to add a personal touch for your guests to enjoy. What better way to add to your wedding day theme than with a cute way to let your guest know where they are sitting! There are so many cute and unique ideas out there! Check these ideas out..

Using your engagement photo session as a way to personalize your table numbers is a cute way to show your love off!

This one above is one of the most unique way and cute ways I have seen to display table numbers. The couple paired images of themselves from each age and matched them to the table number. Not only is this a cute idea but it is also a great DIY project that can be done on the computer!

Although there are several websites where you can order table numbers, this is a good way to save money but still be creative. There are many DIY tutorials so that you can have a stylish wedding without breaking the budget!

Using adjectives to describe a loving relationship show your guests how seriously in love you two are!

The picture above uses places that are important to the bride and groom such as where they met, got engaged, went on their first date, hometowns of both, college towns, vacation spots, and the list could go on and on! Table Numbers are one of those wedding details that allow you to be truly fun and creative without compromising the style of your wedding decor, so get creative and have fun!!!