Your wedding day is all about you and your spouse-to-be, so why not personalize your decorations? Monograms have become so popular lately and many people are using them at their weddings! Monograms are stylish and classy, and perfect for your wedding day. The hard part is figuring out what to put your monogram on! 

Monograms are completely appropriate and fitting at weddings. But first, you need to know how to write your monogram. For an individual monogram, you use your first name, your last name, and then your middle name. But for a couple monogram, you use her first name, the last name initial, and then his first name. So if Ally was marrying John Smith, their monogram would be: aSj

There are many places to use your monogram at your wedding. 

So elegant.

5 Personalized Custom Wedding Monogram Cake Topper via Etsy

Whether it’s a topper or written with icing, wedding cakes/cookies are perfect for displaying your monogram! 

Love these disposable monogram coasters

Bright and cheery

Another great place to use your monogram, is on your table ware. Coasters, napkins, plates, cups, centerpieces, or even menus are perfect places for personalizing! 

Monogram Something Blue

You can also incorporate your monogram into your actual wedding ceremony! You can sew your new monogram into your wedding dress and even use it for your “something blue”! Monograms also look great on aisle runners and ring bearer pillows. You can also use your monogram on handkerchiefs, guestbooks, and even your programs!

Brown and cream fabric is draped across the ceiling to create an elegant tented look, complete with a chandelier and a gold monogram on the dance floor.

Monogram Wedding Ideas - Delovely Designs: Monogram Ideas

Lastly, monograms are wonderful to use at your reception. My favorite way a monogram is used, is by projecting in from a “gobo” onto the dance floor! You can also use them on table runners and chair covers! Monograms can add personality and elegance to your wedding!