If you are like me, then you are not a huge fan of cake. And why have something at your wedding that you do not love!? There are so many alternatives to wedding cakes you can use for your wedding. These alternatives are so delicious and cute, you might re-think using a traditional cake! 

Probably the most widely used alternative to wedding cakes, are cupcakes! Cupcakes are so fun and easy, and they are nice because you can get multiple flavors. Many couples use cupcakes at their weddings because they make for an easy serve and clean-up! You can put the cupcakes on a large cupcake tower, and you can still use your cake topper on top! 

Wedding pie bar. Brilliant idea, not sure if it's for me, but why not consider it. Re-pin if you like. Via Inweddingdress.com #wedding #pie

Another great alternative that is becoming popular, is having an assortment of pies! This is great for the true cake-haters, and it is also so easy that you can have multiple kinds of pies. For summer/spring weddings you can have key lime, lemon meringue, coconut, etc. For winter/fall weddings you can have apple, pecan, pumpkin, etc. Pies are great for weddings year-round! 

Cake ball...cake!

An Affordable, Delicious Wedding Cake Alternative: The Donut Tree

Towers of any kind of your favorite deserts, make for wonderful wedding cake alternatives! You can use cake balls, donuts, croquembouche, macaroons, anything you like! These towers are very easy and very crowd pleasing. They also have a very elegant look, and can match any theme easily! 

Ice Cream Sundae | 40 alternative wedding cake ideas | Estate Weddings and Events

wedding cake alternative - Love the smores idea Also thinking of having fudge  :-)

You can also have a desert bar at your wedding, in place of your wedding cake! You can have a make-your-own ice cream bar, a make-your-own waffle bar, a smores bar, a cookie bar, and so many more! Desert bars are nice for you and your guests, because it allows them to choose exactly what they want. It is also fun for your guest to make/pick their own desert item! 

There are many ways to replace a wedding cake at your reception, choose what you want! It is your big day!