Long, short, print, or solid? There are so many different options to choose from when picking out bridesmaid dresses! It can be a hard choice, but you have to remember that it’s your wedding and you should love it! Start off by looking at some styles for inspiration!

First, decide whether or not you want long dresses or short dresses.Then, decide if you want them to all be the same style or color. Then, pick your colors and go! It’s all up to you and your own personal taste! Here are some examples just to give you an idea:

Bridesmaids in yellow

Bridesmaids dresses, the idea behind bridesmaids goes back to Ancient Rome as well. It is said to have come from Roman Law that called, for 10 witnesses to the marriage. Also by dressing the bridesmaids close to the brides outfit, evil spirits would become confused and not know who was getting married.


These dress are traditionally what you see on bridesmaids. Solid color and all the same style. The look is classy and put together. Many brides today, use this look because it is so elegant and neat, and can work perfectly with their color scheme! 

Mismatched bridesmaids



Pastel Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses - Different Color, same or similar styles

If you want to jazz it up just a little bit, you can make your dresses different styles or slightly different colors! These dresses add a sense of flare and personality without crossing their way into tacky! Many brides are using pastel colors for their dresses, which makes using different colors very easy! Different colored pastels look great together, make perfect dress colors for your bridesmaids. Different styles are also great for girls with completely different body types. It gives each bridesmaid a chance to wear a dress they look good in!

Molly Sims Bridesmaids in Mismatached Gowns... Animal Print Included!


Choosing Your Bridesmaids  – Outfit Inspiration

Lilly bridesmaid dresses <3

If you are really feeling bold, and want to make your wedding POP, try using different patterns/prints! The right pattern can make for an exciting touch to your bridal party. It’s not everyday that you see bridesmaids in prints, so it can make for something really special! I mean how adorable are those Lilly Pulitzer dresses!?

Opinions on bridesmaid dresses are different for every bride. It’s all up to you and how you want your bridesmaids to look!