We’ve all heard it said that a bride needs “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, but what does it mean?  It is said that a bride should wear “something old” to represent her past, and her life before she was married. “Something new” represents her new happily married life with her husband. There are different reasons it is said to wear “something borrow”. One reason is that it reminds the couple that they are not alone in this world, but that they have the love and support if their loved ones. The other reason is that it is said to borrow something from a happily married couple, in hopes that some of the happiness rubs off on you! The “something blue” represents purity and fidelity.

Although it is not necessary to have these four things at your wedding, it can be a fun and sentimental idea! You can make it to so that every item has a meaning behind it, or just have it there because it’s cute! There are many clever ways to add the four “somethings” into your wedding!

For “something old” you can use something antique or something from your own childhood! Use an old car as transportation on the wedding day, a pillow from your childhood for the ring bearer, or even sew a button from your grandmother’s wedding gown onto yours! There are endless possibilities! 

For “something new” you can buy a fun item just to have something, or something thoughtful that you want to be passed down to your own children. Get a new charm for the brides bracelet, a new necklace, wear a new perfume on your wedding day, or if you’re really running out of time just buy a new lipstick to wear!

For “something borrowed” you can use any item that you feel should be represented in your wedding. That item can be from a trusted life-long friend, from a couple that has been married for 50 years, or even from your own parents! The items can include a head piece or hair pins, your father’s handkerchief, or even something as meaningful as your aunts prayer book. This is a fun one to do, because you are incorporating the ones you love into your wedding day!

Finally, for “something blue” feel free to use any blue item you want to have on your wedding day. You can have fun with this one because you can make it something blue that you treasure, or just something cute you saw in the store! Although if you want to use something blue in a creative way you can wear blue shoes, paint your nails blue, use blue ribbons in your hair, or even wear blue jewelry!

There are so many ways to use this tradition in your wedding! Make it meaningful or just make it fun!