Instead of the traditionally first dance try and spice it up a little and do something different! 

First find out what you and your spouses personal style! The first dance should be a reflection of who you are as a couple! One-way o share an intimate moment in the midst of a crazy day! Is there a particular dance style that you really like? Or something you have always wanted to try?


What ever you chose for your style of dance make sure if you don’t know it, have someone teach you! You don’t want to look crazy on your wedding day!  You want the dance to be as perfect as possible! If you are not much of a dancer, it’s fine! Loosen up a little and have some fun!


Give your self PLENTY of time to master the dance if you are trying something new!  Go online and look up different style of dances if you are unsure what you want to do!  Make sure when you are practicing it is not just during class time, but also outside! To keep your dance moves nice and fresh on your mind!


The first dance is one to remember! No matter what your first dance will be a beautiful reflection of the love you and your spouse share! 

-Charming Crew