Etsy Etsy Friiiiiiday! This weeks store is for that vote little ring bearer. The ring bearer always looks so adorable walking down the aisle, slightly unsure of where to go! However, this one is dedicated to the little baby ring bearers. {{MyNextMilestone}} features ring bearer wedding onesies. Have the little guy walked down the aisle and he’s sure to get a bunch of smiles and laughs. Click the link!

The white onesie has blue letter on the front saying “Ring Bearer” with a list of ring bearer duties in black font on the front. It also comes with a set o wedding rings on the front since he is the ring bearer of course! How cute is that!

{{MyNextMilestone}} allows you to customize the onesie as well! Meaning you van put any picture you want on it! Something to represent the ring bearer and how special he is to you for guarding your rings with his life. It’s 100% cotton, and can be worn to the rehearsal dinner or just around town!

These onesies have to be one of the most adorable things ever! He won’t even know what he’s walking in but I guarantee he will love it! {{MyNextMilestone}} makes the font sim[le enough for a baby onesie but detailed enough to be so cute. Just pick the size and customize it!

{{MyNextMilestone}} offers so many more articles of clothing!! All you have to do is click the link and you’re right there! With that many clothing choices you’re bound to choose one! Just think about this cute ring bearer onesie and you’ll want to look for more!

-Charming Crew