Summer time is the wedding season! It’s a beautiful time to get married. But it’s also extremely HOT! There may be a few things about wedding wardrobe that you don’t know. Here’s a few rules for the guests especially for summer weddings. You can still be beautiful in the scorching heat!

Avoid wearing white. Of course that’s at every wedding, but still you must do this! You don’t want to take attention away from the bride. It’s her big day not yours. Unless you are specifically told to wear white, look for more summer colors. Maybe some nice pinks and oranges will be good for you!

Ladies, please wear appropriate underwear. This means wear spanx or just plain old underwear…just make sure you have some on! Especially if you are wearing something short, you don’t want the entire wedding party to see what is underneath your dress. Not attractive.

Shoes! Now every girl wants those high heeled stilettos so they can be the life of the party. Probably not the best choice. Remember, most summer weddings are outside. You are going to be walking through grass and dirt…in stilettos. If you want a sprained ankle, go right ahead. If you do plan on wearing very high shoes, bring a pair of flats.

So now you know! There’s so many clothing options that you have for summer weddings! Just be aware of your shoes, underwear, and of course the basic rule of not wearing white. You’ll be perfectly fine. We just want to make sure you look just right for beautiful summer weddings!

-Charming Crew