DIY wedding flowers are great for couples that are looking for way to save money!  Flowers can be a huge price tag and with this economy money can be a little tight!The trick to doing your own wedding flowers is to make sure that the theme of your big day is carried through to the flowers as well.


For a winter weddings find things in nature to accent their floral arrangements with pinecones, cranberries, pine and other greenery or twigs! Baby’s breath and white carnations are affordable flowers that are often forgotten and can look very sophisticated in simple arrangements


Weddings that are held in the spring or summer finding fresh fruits as well as tons of options for seasonal flowers will be perfect for your DIY flowers! For weddings held in these two seasons is great time for using fun things such as cans and mason jars! By adding mason jars along with wild flowers will give a vintage look to your wedding!


When using seasonal flowers will help cut your cost tremendously!  Going to the thrift store, Goodwill, and buy things in bulk will also cut your cost down when creating your flowers for your wedding! What ever you chose to use for your wedding will come out beautiful with a lot of research and preparation before your big day!

-Charming Crew