After finding the perfect flower girl, finding the perfect ring bearer is next! Both of the two are of course the cutest things at the wedding due to them being the youngest in the wedding party! But finding the perfect ring bearer who is not only cute, but will corporate may be a bit of a challenge.

 When finding a ring bearer it is always good to choose someone who isn’t too young. Find a young family member, godchild, or a family friend suitable for the role. If you find tow little boys perfect for the job give them both a ring to carry and send them down the aisle! 

 On the day of the wedding, seating the ring bearers parents on the aisle, near the front so he can seem them when he walks down is a great way to insure everything will be smooth sailing for the small child’s part! You want to avoid any breakdowns what so ever! To get the pressure off of the child a little more try tying fake rings on the pillow. Then have the best man hold both rings so there won’t be anything mishaps. Also if you have the flower girl and the ring bearer walk down together then both of them can feel a little more comfortable! 

 When deciding an outfit for the ring bearer some people love the look of the mini-groomsmen, where the ring bearer wears a little mini tuxedo!  It is great to look up different outfit options online if you don’t want to do the mini groomsmen look!


 You want the ring bearer to be as calm and cool as possible so do whatever to make this little one relax on your big day!

-Charming Crew