The flower girl is probably the cutest part of the whole ceremony. There is so much more that goes into being a flower girl than just putting on a dress and walking down the aisle! Of course the flower girl is going to bee overwhelmed with the amount of people staring her down! She’s only 4, she may have a meltdown. Here’s ways to prep the flower girl to avoid all problems.

Start having her practice walking down the aisle months before the wedding starts. Practice makes perfect! This way she will be more comfortable with her role in the wedding. She will also be able to figure out the right walking pace and will be more than ready for her big stroll during your wedding day!

Be mindful of the flower girl’s attention span. Remember she is young, and fits can be thrown. Have her ready within an appropriate time frame. This way she won’t get to ancy or hyperactive! Spend some one-on-one time with the flower girl so she is comfortable with whomever is monitoring her. Keep her occupied with a few games and toys and she’ll be just fine.

Yes, the flower girl normally wears makeup. Now, it may be a task to put makeup on her, but make her believe it is some sort of game. She’ll enjoy it so much more. Also, do NOT pile loads of makeup on this little girl. She is young, a natural look will be perfect for her!

The flower girl is the most adorable thing walking at your wedding. People will ooooh and aaaah if she walks down the aisle right. Avoid temper tantrums with some of these tips and you’ll be okay! Don’t worry, your flower girl only wants to make your big day even more special!

-Charming Crew