After finding the perfect dress next is finding the perfect hairstyle to match your perfect dress! Sometimes going with the classic hairstyle for your wedding will ensure you will look wonderful on your big day! A classic hairstyle will flatter everyone!

A lot of brides go with the typical soft loose curls! This is an easy process that always comes out amazing!  Having loose curls is a very casual style that works well for a gun outdoor afternoon wedding! You can also add a simple tiara to go with your hair as well!

 Another great hairstyle is the really high bun, right on the top of your hair! The tiara around it can the long bridal veil will complete the princess look! The bun can be as complicated looking as it can get! By adding “fake hair” can give your hairstyle a little bit of volume to your bun! The bun also doesn’t have to be a high one. It can be at the back of the head or neck and still give that princess look to it!

 A lot of brides like to go for the half up half down for their special day! This hairstyle is fun, easy, and can most definitely last all day! By adding curl to your hair will also set off a great look for your hair! If you have short can and cant have many hairstyles done, then you can either make sure your hair is in great shape, just the way it is, or give it some volume!


It is best to find the perfect hairstyle that will last all night! From all the dancing, pictures, hugs, and kissing you want a hairstyle that wont take a long time fixing if messed up or something that will hold up on our big day!

-Charming Crew