It’s Etsy Friday once again ladies and gentlemen. The store this week is just for the Maid of Honor (MOH). The MOH is your right hand throughout the wedding process. A good MOH is there for you, keeping you sane, when you need her the most. So doesn’t she deserve a gift that lets her know just how important she is to you? {{WordsForYou}} offers the most sentimental foam puzzle that is a keeper forever. Your MOH will be touched by the thought alone!

{{WordsForYou}} is probably one of the most unique stores I have ever seen. The puzzle they offer is customizable. You can write a message on there letting your MOH know just how much you appreciate her help! Plus, a puzzle is something very different than the typical piece of jewelry. It’s straight from the heart and that’s the most beautiful part. 

The design is made into a 6 piece 5” x 4 1/4”  puzzle with the bride and bridesmaids on the front. You can customize what the bridesmaids look like as well. When ordering the puzzle, let {{WordsForYou}} know the length of the MOH’s dress, and the color of the dress, flowers, sashes, and the message you would like to put at the bottom of the puzzle!

The puzzle comes in a small white pillow box with clear, round, stickers to seal the ends of the puzzle. It can either be shipped to you or directly to the MOH! Give her a nice surprise while she’s helping you stay sane. 

{{WordsForYou}} is the right place to find something that shows more effort than jewelry! Your MOH should know what you mean to her! Let her know with a puzzle filled with love. check out the link once more time then BUY!

-Charming Crew