That moment after you are pronounced husband and wife, you turn look at your spouse. And the preacher says, “ You may kiss the bride.”  This is probably one of those details that’s best left improvised!  You want to show your guest you are excited about the wonderful person you have just got married to!


But when you are about to kiss your spouse it is good to think of your own level of comfort with public affection. It can be a simple kiss or a long passionate in depth kiss. Also think about your family traditions.  What is the typical wedding kiss like in the culture you both hail from? Some couples adapt their kiss to the comfort level of the family.

Is one of you a bigger kiss than the other? Some couples don’t see eye to eye about kissing at the wedding. One may want a big kiss while the other may think it’s a little too inappropriate. It is great to get a good sense of which way things way go on your special day, before hand!

But when it’s all said and done, it’s your BIG day and you want this kiss to me something for the books! You can kiss any way you choose too. Some couples love the crowd reaction so they may try and give a kiss that is long and passionate to have the crowd going wild! 
– Charming Crew!