Alright ladies and gentlemen, it’s Etsy Friday once again. We have a great store for all of you wedding people today! The featured store {{TheHairOfTheDog}] offers the perfect groomsmen presents that they will absolutely love! These 5 Tie Bow Liquor Hip Flasks are the cutest things for the groomsmen to carry around. Hey let these men have some fun on the big day too! Check it out by clicking on that link below.

They can either be 6oz or 8oz in size. I say the bigger the better! These flasks come in a set of 5 which should be just enough for you and your groomsmen. But wait it gets even better. You can personalize these stainless steel flasks! That way everybody knows who is enjoying which refreshing drink! 

{{TheHairOfTheDog}} also packages each flask in a burlap tote bag with a stainless steel funnel as well. The bag can be customized as well. Add a little personality to both your tote bag and your flask and you’ll be feeling like the big man of the wedding. Hey it’s your day too right!

You don’t have to get just a bow tie. {{TheHairOfTheDog}} allows you to choose a different background or a different bow tie color! It’s all about customization to make sure you and your groomsmen are happy with their little trinket. Plus look how nicely it can be wrapped in a gift box!

A flask is like a man’s best friend. Why not customize some for your groomsmen and have some fun before the wedding even starts. Calm those nerves. {{TheHairOfTheDog}} offers other liquor flasks and items for both men and women. Take a look at them I promise you will love it!

-Charming Crew