Today, a lot of people are becoming more aware of the going green affect and the impact it will have on the environment! Well how about going green for your wedding day! It’s fun, easy, and cost efficient!

Even though you are going green doesn’t mean you are settling for less, it just means that you are planning a more environmentally conscientious day!  When considering a green wedding cut down the number of guest. Only invite those who are closest and mean the most to you! Think, the more guest you invite, the more that will travel, consume food and waste materials.


If your guest has traveling to do you may want to keep in mind the transportation they may use. You can suggest they travel by train, bus, or at least carpool and include any information in the invitations if they do not want to fly because of the cost.


There are several ways of creating the perfect green centerpieces that fits your budget and goes with your wedding theme. You can try arranging edible centerpieces using fresh organic fruit, vegetable, or even bread! You can also use vintage bowls that have been lying around the house or buy small unique bowls from a flea market. Your guest will love your centerpieces and have something ot talk about!


Also getting replay postcards will cut down on the used of paper! Or making all your wedding information online! Save trees people!!! Going green for your wedding is probably one of the smartest things to do! If you do it correctly your wedding will come out looking cute and perfect!

-Charming Crew