It is completely necessary for you to have great wedding photos! In order to have great wedding photos, you must have the best wedding photographer! No, you can’t just pick any old photographer. I know their job seems simple but you have to ask a few questions to make sure you get the best quality photos! Bad wedding photos? I don’t think so!

First and foremost, you must meet with the EXACT photographer that is going to be at your wedding! Meeting with the person who is sending the photographers is not the same as meeting the person who will be snapping your beautiful photos!! You also want to see a portfolio or something that shows previous work that they have done.

Make sure to ask what products your photographer offers. If there is a certain way you want your photos, you must arrange that with the photographer. There are so many album styles, and photographic lenses to give each picture a certain look. Even if you would like them to make your save the dates, make sure you know which printing company they work with and the warranties with each person. 

If your photographer has equipment, make sure you know how much of it he will be bringing and where they plan to set it up. You can’t have all that equipment getting in the way of the ceremony or the guests when they are trying to enjoy themselves! Since weddings are very fast paced, the photographer must always be ready with his extra equipment and his camera!

These are just some basic things to ask a photographer before you pay them a boatload of money to photograph your wedding. Hey maybe you’ll choose a family friend! Still make sure their photos are up to par and fit what you want. Bad wedding photos will break your heart! You only want to capture your big day as a beautiful moment!

-Charming Crew