Let’s face it, weddings can be expensive. One of your biggest expenses is generally flowers. Oh but they are so important! Don’t sacrifice your vision and the gorgeousness of your wedding day… go with baby’s breath! This trend is growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why! 


Baby’s breath is whimsical yet elegant and most of all, very inexpensive. This shows you that you can have those extravagant centerpieces and other décor for cheap. Do not lower your expectations for the beauty you want at your wedding because you can’t afford peonies…embrace the beauty of more affordable flowers like baby’s breath.

As it is a filler for bouquets, baby’s breath can also be a filler to add details to your wedding décor. Easily throw in some baby’s breath and bring some flair! 

No one is going to think that you chose baby’s breath to save money, they are going to be so impressed with your simple yet impressive décor. Plus, it’s so trendy right now!


Baby’s breath easily fits with a vintage romance theme or a glitz glamour theme. Whatever you’re going for, baby’s breath can bring the look together.

As a warning: your florist might be surprised by your request of featuring baby’s breath as it has generally been considered a filler flower. Unless they are current with the trends, you might have to educate them. 

Do you love it? Of course you do! Hopefully these AMAZING (seriously SO amazing) examples of how to incorporate baby’s breath into your wedding decor is leaving you inspired. So save money and have a beautiful day. We can’t wait to see your wedding!!

-Charming Crew