If it hasn’t been said enough, Pinterest is amazing! All of us at Pinch of Charm Weddings are constantly on Pinterest looking at fun ideas, and amazing weddings! The other day I re-pinned the photo below after seeing it on Style Me Pretty and I instantly had hundreds, yes HUNDREDS, of repins. I thought it was such a great idea and apparently many people agreed!

If you can’t see closely each bridesmaid has a bouquet of one type of flower. So one girl has all roses, one has all calla lilies, etc. THEN the bride has a bouquet consisting of each type of flower from her bridesmaids’ bouquets. LOVE!!

This is really following the trend lately to let your bridesmaids be individuals! Those typical matching bridesmaids dresses that are not always the most flattering are quickly being overshadowed by brides letting their bridesmaids pick their own dresses. With these individual bouquets once again the bridesmaids are unique, special, and they have a personality!

I also love how it gives the idea that all of these girls contribute something to the bride to make her complete. Maybe I’m thinking too deeply into it, but it’s a great notion! So let your girls feel special and give them their own personalized bouquet! If you see any awesome ideas on Pinterest, or elsewhere, that you think we would love…let us know!!