Every girl dreams about having a train on her dress (as long as Kate Middleton’s perhaps?), but what do you do with it after the ceremony so it’s not trailing all around the reception?  Put it up in a bustle!!!

What is a bustle?  It is the gathering of the train of a gown and pinning it up on the skirt stylishly.

Bustles come from European fashion in the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries where they were used to create a fuller look in the skirt.

1874french7(1874 Revue le La Mode)

Thankfully, we don’t need wooden and wire frames to create a pretty look today!

Bustles do not come on dresses, so when you take your wedding dress for alterations, be sure to ask them to create a bustle.  There are two common types of bustles for wedding dresses: the under-bustle for a poufier look, and the over-bustle for a flowing look.


One of your bridesmaids, or another trusted lady in your bridal party, will be putting the bustle together between the ceremony and the reception.  Even if they attend an alteration session, be sure to get a video on your phone of the seamstress doing it in case your bridesmaid forgets!

Here are some helpful videos:

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