Where do I even begin with Tia? I guess the beginning is the best place to start. I met Tia when my family and I moved to Virginia in 2001. My dad was being stationed to Tinker Air Force Base after being in Guam for almost 4 years. How on earth does one come from an Island for 4 years and then pick up and move to Virginia… in October… with no coat and only flip flops as the main source of shoes on our feet? Well, it was a struggle. My family and I looked completely ridiculous! We looked like we had been on vacation for entirely too long. Tan, speaking a strange language, flip flops… hahaha. We looked awesome! hahahah, totally kidding.

Luckily, our next door neighbors were amazing to say the least! So welcoming! So fun! And sooooo many kids! Tia is the oldest of 5. Or is it 6? No, I’m pretty sure it’s 5. Regardless, she was the epitome of everything I wanted my entire high school life to be like! She was gorgeous, popular, had a boyfriend who not only had a car, but a nice car! Did I mention she was gorgeous?! But the two things that stood out the most about Tia to me (and I think the entire world for that matter) was her incredibly contagious laugh and how genuinely nice she was to anyone and everyone!

Tia could laugh like I’ve never heard before in my life. And about absolutely nothing. But once you heard it, you couldn’t help but laugh too. It didn’t have to be funny at all, but her laugh was hysterical. With the occasional snort here and there, it’s no wonder why everyone liked her!

Over the years, Tia and I remained friends. She was always around when I needed her. We went to parties together. We shared boyfriend stories. We were just awesome together!! Speaking of boyfriend stories… one story stuck out in particular. Tia was swoon. She finally met the guy who was going to turn everything around. He was THE ONE and we all knew it. That brings us to Teddy.

Teddy, a super laid back, nature loving, nice guy from Michigan was coming to Virginia to visit friends. That’s when he and Tia met for the first time. And honestly, that’s all she wrote. They dated long distance for about a year before Tia finally gave in and moved her whole life to Michigan. New job, new friends, new house… that’s love! So when Tia called me about her wedding, OBVIOUSLY I was completely stoked!!!

Tia & Teddy’s wedding took place at the most amazing venue I have ever been to! An old fashioned dairy barn turned wedding venue. Dried bouquets lined the walls in the ladies room. Hanging vines draped the walls of the barn. The bridal dressing area was dressed in vintage furniture and lace curtains. I could go on and on, but the pictures will tell a better story. Tia & Teddy made sure that their guests had a great time and remembered their wedding day. From corn hole to giant jingo to a smores bar over a fire pit, there was plenty to do! Very dainty and perfect for the venue, mason jars with wild flowers were used for their centerpieces. With lace and burlap accents throughout the barn. It was every country girls dream. I only wish Virginia had a barn this real, this vintage, this true to a barn wedding.

Tia & Teddy, I am so honored to have been able to be a very small part of your wedding day! It will be a memory that I forever cherish! I love that deep down in the bottom of my soul, I know that you two will be a couple that love stories are written about. You guys are the real deal!

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Venue || Blue Dress Barn
DJ or Band || TJ the DJ
Officiant || Jon Hazeltine
Florist || Beikmann Associates
Baker || Mimi’s Cupcakes, LLC

Hair & Makeup || Paparazzi Hair Studio

Photographer || Amy Straka Photography
Caterer || CK Catering
Dress || Davids Bridal