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Charming Deet #341: Wedding Hashtag

#Hashtag This isn't any ordinary hashtag, this is your hashtag for your wedding! If you plan on using a hashtag for your wedding, but don't know what to use, do no fear.  We have found some FREE wedding hashtag generators that will help you find the best hashtag for your big day.  If nothing else, it will get your creative juices flowing!  The two sites [...]

Charming Deet #340: Western Chic

The rustic, country chic look has taken over wedding decor, and it is taking a new direction: specifically to the West!  Western chic is like country chic and shabby chic but with more flair and laid back style. Venues that fit well within the theme are simple and small country churches, outdoor spaces that overlook large expanses of fields and land, a[...]

Charming Deet #339: Making a Swift Getaway

The rice has settled and the sparklers have been put out. Your wedding night is officially over (sad face), but you have one last thing to do... getaway. There is nothing more classic than riding away after a long night in a vintage getaway car with “Just Married” decorated across the back windshield. Take it one step further by adding streamers and aluminum[...]

Charming Deet #338: The Marshmallow Game

    Planning a wedding shower can seem like a simple task, but before you know it you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the details; the food, the decorations, the drinks, sending out the invites, getting your RSVPs, and last but certainly not least, the games! Games can take your average wedding shower and push its success level [...]

Charming Deet #337: Sprinkle Send Off

You may have read some of our previous blogs which have talked about the various ways you can do a send off, other than throwing of the rice.  But I want to focus on this idea, and emphasis how AMAZING this would be! A SPRINKLE SEND OFF!!!!! I am seriously obsessed--if you couldn't tell by all of the caps and exclamtion marks.    Seriously though, if yo[...]

Blue Dress Barn Wedding Planner| Benton Harbor, Michigan | Tia & Teddy 7-11-2014

Where do I even begin with Tia? I guess the beginning is the best place to start. I met Tia when my family and I moved to Virginia in 2001. My dad was being stationed to Tinker Air Force Base after being in Guam for almost 4 years. How on earth does one come from an Island for 4 years and then pick up and move to Virginia... in October... with no coat and on[...]