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Charming Deet #249 ETSY FRIDAY

Wedding headbands are a stunning alternative to the classic veil. They are so charming and add just a little bit of sparkle to the bride’s look. Lottie-Da Designs {{ }} is a fantastic Etsy shop that specializes in bridal adornment. The shop creates gorgeous headpieces, headbands, and even jewelry. The pieces are [...]

Charming Deet #248: Doing Your Nails for the Big Day

Whether you enjoy going to the salon to get your nails done, or you think about them only when they're too long, your fingernails are not such a small detail of your big day! Firstly, if you just got engaged, go make your nails look pretty!  Go to the salon to celebrate with your friends or swipe some clear coat on, because what is everyone going to be lo[...]

Charming Deet #247 ETSY FRIDAY

A wedding celebration simply is not complete until the cutting of the cake.It’s a focal point and tradition going all the way back to the Roman Empire. The cake was crumbed over the bride’s head and eaten by guests as a good omen. Wedding cake’s history evolved over time to the artistic and delicious delicacies we enjoy today.   Cake topper’s have their ow[...]

Charming Deet #246: Wedding Dress Trends for Spring 2015

For the fashion-forward bride, the wedding dress is a big statement and reflection on your own personality.  Wedding dress styles are always changing, even though there are a few classic styles that will never go out of trend.  There are a few styles that will show up especially in spring of 2015 with some being a little more daring than others. First, the [...]

Charming Deet #245: Wedding Guest Swag Bags

Wedding guest favors have been around for years and are usually bubbles or something they can use to bid farewell to the newly-weds at the end of the night. While that wedding favor that you’re looking at may be super cute and match your colors or theme perfectly, think for a moment if it’s useful to your guests beyond this one night. One of the cutes[...]

Charming Deet #244: Behind Wedding Traditions

Have you ever wondered about the deep history behind weddings?! The giving away of the bride, the bouquet toss, the veil? We have a few fun facts about these wedding favorites!! Tossing of the Bouquet: The tossing of the bouquet is an English tradition. Guests used to rip pieces of the dress or the bouquet in order to get a "piece of good luck". The bride w[...]