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Charming Deet #228: Beach Wedding Necessities

If you've ever lived near the water, or even if you haven't, you've probably considered a beach setting for your big day. While beach weddings may seem to be the easiest or simplest type of wedding, there are definitely elements that can make your day even more special. One of these items can be your choice of ring "pillow." One really cute idea is to[...]

Charming Deet #227 Calling the Paparazzi!

It is the four words most little girls dream about hearing from their prince charming... "Will you marry me?" and what could any girl want more than to have that very moment captured on tape?! Just think about all of those likes on Facebook and Instagram ;) Even more importantly, we all know not everyone will be able to attend the million dollar moment so wh[...]

Personal- 5 years in the making and it leads to this

So, those of you that follow our blogs know that it's mostly about weddings, tips, etc. It is very rare that I do personal blog posts but today, I really felt compelled to do so. Wedding planning is a personal kind of career. You are dealing with one of the most personal days of your clients life. With that, they become more than clients, they become frie[...]